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Jaipongan Dance
Duration: 3 Month Stay - with Monthly Adventures
Weekly Course: 5 days of course and 6 hours per day
Foundational Course and Admission Fees
  • Rural Culture Exchange Center: Homestay Study Arts & Culture Foundational Course activities are held in the Rural Culture Exchange Center. Elevate your learning experience with our Homestay Study Program in a non-academic setting. Immerse yourself in an environment fostering intellectual exchange and creative discussions. Engage with participants, guest speakers, and mentors in a comfortable and inspiring setting, enriching your educational journey.
  • Monthly Adventures: Embark on a cultural odyssey with our Homestay Study Arts & Culture Sundanese program, complemented by engaging activities such as visits to rural culture exchange centers, city tours, and beach days—twice each month. Immerse in the vibrant tapestry of Sundanese life, embracing traditions, crafts, and cultural celebrations. Each activity is a step towards understanding, appreciation, and a shared celebration of the captivating arts and culture defining this unique community.
  • Sundanese Cooking Classes: Indulge in the rich flavors of Sundanese cuisine through hands-on experiences. Join our Sundanese Cuisine Cook Classes—a delightful addition to the Homestay Study Arts & Culture Sundanese. Immerse yourself in a culinary journey where the kitchen becomes a canvas for cultural>
  • Admission Fees: The admission fees for the Intermediate Course, include a three-month stay with a local host, daily meals and mineral drinks, laundry service, interactions with local artisans and teachers, monthly adventures, local tour guide srvices, daily transportation, cooking classes, and assistance with obtaining a social culture visa.
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Advanced Studies in Sundanese Arts & Culture

Foundational Course Overview

This foundational course is designed to immerse participants in the rich arts and culture of the Sundanese community. The three-month program includes intensive study, hands-on experiences, and monthly adventure tours to enhance cultural understanding. The unique aspect of this program is the incorporation of a homestay, providing participants with an authentic living experience within the Sundanese community.

Program Highlights
1. Introduction to Sundanese Arts & Culture:
  • Overview of Sundanese traditions, history, and cultural significance.
  • Exploration of traditional arts, music, dance, and visual arts.
2. Language Immersion:
  • Basic Sundanese language lessons to facilitate effective communication.
  • Practical language sessions integrated into daily activities.
3. Monthly Adventure Tours:
  • Two adventure tours each month to explore Sundanese heritage sites, landmarks, and natural wonders.
  • Guided visits to museums, cultural events, and local festivals.
4. Homestay Experience:
  • Live with a Sundanese host family to fully immerse in local customs and lifestyle.
  • Participation in daily activities and rituals to foster cultural exchange.
5. Arts & Craft Workshops:
  • Hands-on workshops on traditional Sundanese arts and crafts.
  • Create your own art pieces under the guidance of local artisans.
6. Culinary Exploration:
  • Cooking classes to learn Sundanese cuisine.
  • Culinary tours to local markets and food festivals.
7. Cultural Performances:
  • Attend traditional performances and ceremonies.
  • Opportunities for participants to showcase their learning through presentations.
8. Assessments and Certificates:
  • Regular assessments to track participant progress.
  • Certificates awarded upon successful completion of the course.
Upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive certification, validating their knowledge, skills, and cultural understanding gained throughout the intercultural traditional homestay experience in Sundanese arts and culture.

Feature of Foundational Course
  • Comprehensive Cultural Immersion: In-depth exploration of Sundanese life, encompassing language, customs, and daily practices to provide participants with a profound cultural understanding.
  • Hands-On Traditional Arts and Crafts: Practical engagement in various traditional arts and crafts practices rooted in Sundanese culture, allowing participants to develop fundamental artistic techniques.
  • Historical Context and Heritage Appreciation: Delving into the historical and heritage aspects of Sundanese civilization, providing participants with a contextual understanding of the evolution and significance of Sundanese traditions.
Focus Areas
Skills gained in this program open doors to various prospects, including:
  • Language, Customs, and Daily Practices.
  • Traditional Arts Techniques.
  • Historical and Heritage Significance.

Program Schedule

Introduction to Sundanese Culture, Language Immersion, and Basic Arts Exploration.

Monthly Adventure Tours, Homestay Experience, and Advanced Arts & Craft Workshops.

Culinary Exploration, Cultural Performances, and Final Assessments.

Note: The schedule and activities may be subject to change based on local events and community activities. Participants are encouraged to embrace flexibility and actively engage in the learning process.
  • Open to participants with an interest in Sundanese arts and culture.
  • No prior experience required.
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Begin immediately by enrolling in our homestay study arts and culture program. If the course has not commenced, you will find the future start date listed below.

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