How to Apply for the
Homestay Study Program

Embark on Your Cultural Journey with These Simple Steps

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Embark on Your Cultural Journey with These Simple Steps

How to Apply for the Homestay Study Program

Shortened Application Process

  • 1. Expression of Interest:
    Email us at [email protected] with the subject "Homestay Arts & Culture Application" or "Courses Preferred option," briefly introducing yourself and sharing your passion for Sundanese arts and culture.
  • 2. Personal Statement:
    Craft a concise statement (max 500 words) expressing your eagerness to immerse in Sundanese arts and culture, outlining your expectations, and explaining how this experience contributes to your personal and cultural growth.
  • 3. Letter of Commitment:
    Draft a commitment letter (max 300 words) showcasing your dedication to active participation, respecting cultural norms, and contributing to the cultural exchange.
  • 4. Proof of Funding:
    Provide a brief statement (100 words) confirming your ability to cover living expenses during the program. No financial documents needed; a self-declaration is sufficient.
  • 5. Submit Your Application:
    Compile all components into a single PDF and email it to: [email protected] with the subject line "Homestay Arts & Culture Application Submission."

Social Culture Visa Assistance

  • 1. Visa Support:
    Help with the Social Culture Visa application process for a smooth 3-month stay
  • 2. Documentation Guidance:
    Assistance with necessary paperwork, including host family invitation letters, program enrollment proof, for the visa application.
  • 3. Visa Extension Info:
    Guidance for participants seeking to extend their stay beyond the initial 3 months.
  • 4. Cultural Sensitivity Training:
    Training for awareness and respect for local customs, facilitating seamless integration into the host community.
  • 5. Homestay Experience:
    A 2-3 month cultural immersion supported by the Social Culture Visa, fostering personal growth, cross-cultural understanding, and lasting connections with the host community.

Wayang Golek